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Good Hair Good Day by Lilay

When the weather starts changing, not only our skin but our hair too needs extra care which we generally don't think much about. Since summer has almost gone and Autumn is coming, I decided to pamper my hair with these cute babies. I chose two hair products from Lilay.

Lilay is a company that mostly leads to hair products and hair balms. Lilay contains more than 95% naturally derived ingredients and it is very gentle on sensitive skin. It protects your hair from UV rays and moisturizes your skin. I picked up these two hair balms from Lilay that I am going to love.

Lilay Free Balm

This balm is a hair wax, specially designed to set your hair and make your life easier. While containing over 95% natural ingredients, it protects your hair from UV rays. It is a Unisex balm and it has a unisex scent that men would love to.

UV rays protection
Preventing skin irritation
Skin conditioning
Essential oil

Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Beeswax, Ginkgo Biloba extra…

A Skincare Brand That Looks Beautiful by Botanicfolk

Who would not like to use skincare, that looks the most beautiful piece even to decorate your home?
I really like the idea of the Botanic Folk to create a skincare brand that looks beautiful. Botanic means a garden full of plants and flowers, and folk means people we love, so botanic folk created a skincare brand where they packed their flowers in a bottle for their lovely people.
Their skincare products come with three different types of ingredients- Noble Rose, Calm Lavender, and Orve citrus. I chose rose because I love roses.

Multi Oil Serum It is a serum that can be multi used like your face, body, hands, and nails. Noble rose is for face, calm lavender is for the body and orve citrus is for your hair and nails.  The product comes in a transparent crystal bottle with the dried rose petals (different as per its type) in it. The petals make the product look very beautiful and perfect for a gift.  This is a nutrient-rich moisturizer with containing ingredients like 100% pure rose oil…

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful by Hi&Seek

Last month I got introduced to this amazing skincare lineup from Taiwan. It was my first time to try any brand from Taiwan so I was very excited. I got a full kit for one month and using it for last month. They have many different types of sheet mask (my favorite part of the skincare routine).
Sheet Masks I used:
Hydro Boost Illumination mask- Anti-oxidant, repair and restore moisture, plump and lift the skin.

Anti-pollution purifying mask- Anti-oxidant, anti-pollution, moisturizing, plump and lift.

Ultra recovery mattifying mask- Smoothe, oil balancing, purifying boost.

Youth activator contouring mask- Prevents dryness and signs of aging.

Anti-pollution purifying Facewash

Anti-pollution purifying face wash protects your skin from the pollution and dirt. It contains mung bean and oatmeal and works on your skin as a cleanser and exfoliator.
It first cleanses your makeup and dirt from your skin as a cleanser and then leaves a foam when gets in touch with water and leaves a refreshing scent.…

Create Own Your Story With Lirio

I love the concept of Lirio cosmetics because I have the same issue that is behind this brand. Lirio is made with a concept for women who walk a mile in UV rays and their skin get affected by inflammation, dark spots, and wrinkles.

Lirio Essence is a serum that activates the skin environment and returns the bright and clear skin. It provides the required amount of oil and keeps your skin moisturized and healthy, at the same time it doesn't feel sticky or greasy on your skin.

Ingredients: Contains 14 types of natural plant extracts, aloe vera extracts, soybean leaf extract, sage leaf extract, lemon fruit extract, etc.

How to use?
Get 3-4 pumps of the essence on your palm, use your middle finger to apply the essence on your skin, and push your face gently with your palm to spread all over on your face.
Since it is made naturally, it seems a bit pricy but once you start using it, you will feel like it was worth buying.

Lirio Cleansing Bar is my another pick up from this brand, reason,…

Facial Serum With Brown Rice Bran by Imini

If you follow me on Instagram and read my post, you already know that I love products that have made with Natural ingredients, especially serum. A facial serum with natural ingredients really impresses me and I believe that it is something we should invest in. Recently I started using this serum from Imini Japan.

Imini is a Japanese beauty brand that makes its products with brown rice bran as the main ingredient. They make their products naturally and pack them in very simple bottles without any decoration.

Imini repair serum is an all in one beauty milk that plays 13 different roles. It is also characterized by good skin familiarity because it is an emulsion type close to skin balance, great for sensitive skin. With this, your skincare is completed in just a few touches.


Water, Squalane, Glycerin, Triethylhexanoin, Pentylene glycol, Pantoea/ Comenuka fermented extract and more.

How to use?
After washing your face, take 2 pumps of this serum, apply it on your skin. Now ge…

All In One Skincare Premier Essence by Cherien

On those busy days, when I really don't have enough time to complete all my skincare routine, I just use this Cherien premier essence and put my sunscreen, and I am ready to go to work. If you are a woman like me, and you also don't have time, try this. It completes all your skincare routine just in a few pumps and makes your life easier.
Cherien Premier essence has the formula that makes you skip all 6 steps of your skincare with the same benefits. The cherien premier essence has made naturally and approved medically. It has 47 types of natural beauty ingredients including water-soluble placenta extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Izumo-Yamura hot spring water, concentrated glycerine,  hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, natural Vitamin-E, and many more.
Cherien premier essence targets three major problems of your skin, dryness, stain prevention, and pores. It allows all the beauty ingredients to penetrate into the skin without being obstructed by the sebum, leads to the firmness …

Skincare With The Hot Spring Water by An Era

In Japan, hot spring is really popular and hot spring water is famous for beauty. People feel that their skin becomes really moisturized after using a hot spring, they want to use it every day but they can't. That is why An Era was created. An Era is made with the hot spring water by mixing with many selected ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, micro ocean collagen, jojoba oil, etc.

Their Spamoist Cream is a gel-cream moisturizer, that comes with a beautiful royal blue packaging. It contains 75% hot spring water that moisturizes your skin deeply without giving an oily effect. When you use it just after your lotion, it penetrates into the Keratin of the dry skin and returns a firm and glossy skin.

How to use:
After cleanser and lotion, take an appropriate amount, apply on your face and spread it. Gently press your skin with your palm and let your skin absorb the moisture.
 If you're really concerned about dry skin, use this cream as a pack that is not was…