A Skincare Brand That Looks Beautiful by Botanicfolk

Who would not like to use skincare, that looks the most beautiful piece even to decorate your home?
I really like the idea of the Botanic Folk to create a skincare brand that looks beautiful. Botanic means a garden full of plants and flowers, and folk means people we love, so botanic folk created a skincare brand where they packed their flowers in a bottle for their lovely people.
Their skincare products come with three different types of ingredients- Noble Rose, Calm Lavender, and Orve citrus. I chose rose because I love roses.

Multi Oil Serum

It is a serum that can be multi used like your face, body, hands, and nails. Noble rose is for face, calm lavender is for the body and orve citrus is for your hair and nails. 
The product comes in a transparent crystal bottle with the dried rose petals (different as per its type) in it. The petals make the product look very beautiful and perfect for a gift. 
This is a nutrient-rich moisturizer with containing ingredients like 100% pure rose oil, Ceramide-2,3, and 6II, Olive extract, etc. 
Use it after washing your face and before makeup.

Nail Oil 

This nail oil comes in a very tiny and cute bottle with the dried rose petal (depends on the types), it looks very beautiful. It has a roller on the tip on the bottle so it doesn't bother you when applying the oil. You just have to roll the bottle on your nails and you are done. 
This oil is good to moisturize your nails and cuticles. It helps to regenerate the cells and softens the skin. This is also perfect for a gift.
The nail oil is my absolute favorite, and I always keep it with me because it's easy to use and also helps my nails grow longer. 


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