All In One Skincare Premier Essence by Cherien

On those busy days, when I really don't have enough time to complete all my skincare routine, I just use this Cherien premier essence and put my sunscreen, and I am ready to go to work. If you are a woman like me, and you also don't have time, try this. It completes all your skincare routine just in a few pumps and makes your life easier.
Cherien Premier essence has the formula that makes you skip all 6 steps of your skincare with the same benefits. The cherien premier essence has made naturally and approved medically. It has 47 types of natural beauty ingredients including water-soluble placenta extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Izumo-Yamura hot spring water, concentrated glycerine,  hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, natural Vitamin-E, and many more.
Cherien premier essence targets three major problems of your skin, dryness, stain prevention, and pores. It allows all the beauty ingredients to penetrate into the skin without being obstructed by the sebum, leads to the firmness and glossy skin, and releases the moisture by covering with the polymer ingredients.

How to use?
After washing your face, take 2-3 pumps and apply to all over your face, now massage from down to upwards. Press your skin gently to absorb the moisture from the essence.
Use this essence directly after you wash your skin, AM, after the face wash, PM, after the cleanser and face wash.

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