Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful by Hi&Seek

Last month I got introduced to this amazing skincare lineup from Taiwan. It was my first time to try any brand from Taiwan so I was very excited. I got a full kit for one month and using it for last month. They have many different types of sheet mask (my favorite part of the skincare routine).
Sheet Masks I used:
Hydro Boost Illumination mask- Anti-oxidant, repair and restore moisture, plump and lift the skin.

Anti-pollution purifying mask- Anti-oxidant, anti-pollution, moisturizing, plump and lift.

Ultra recovery mattifying mask- Smoothe, oil balancing, purifying boost.

Youth activator contouring mask- Prevents dryness and signs of aging.

Anti-pollution purifying Facewash

Anti-pollution purifying face wash protects your skin from the pollution and dirt. It contains mung bean and oatmeal and works on your skin as a cleanser and exfoliator.
It first cleanses your makeup and dirt from your skin as a cleanser and then leaves a foam when gets in touch with water and leaves a refreshing scent. After washing your skin, it makes our skin moisturized and smooth and doesn't feel rough. This is a great face wash for people having dry skin.
How to use: Morning: Take an appropriate amount of it and use it as your regular face wash. You don't need a double cleanser.
Night: Use it as a double cleanser after removing your makeup. Since this product is super mild, it can not remove waterproof or long-wear makeup so please use it after removing your makeup.

Diamond Instant Glow Serum
It doesn't have any scent, which I love the most in a skincare product. I like the squire bottle packaging. It has a lightweight watery texture, which melts effortlessly into the skin. Hyaluronic acid and other ingredients hydrate and plump the skin with moisture and give you a youthful glowing skin instantly.
How to Use: After cleansing your face with the purifying face wash, take 2-3 pumps on your palm, apply on your skin from down to upwards.
You can also mix it with the hydrating & illuminating moisturizer to apply on your skin.

Hydrating & Illuminating Moisturizer
For me, it smells like a fresh green leaf and reminds me of my school days, when we used to play with fresh leaves. I totally love the scent (very light), the white packaging and the texture. It gets absorbed to my skin within a few seconds of the application and feels non-sticky on the skin surface while penetrating the skin from within.
How to Use: 
After using the serum or sheet mask, take an appropriate amount, put it on the concentrated area of your skin, spread it all over on your face and gently massage.
You can also mix it with the glow serum and apply on your face.

Hi & Seek takes the orders from overseas so you can order their products here from anywhere. For Taiwan, you can get the exclusive box of Hi & Seek at WATSONS (drugstore).


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