Create Own Your Story With Lirio

I love the concept of Lirio cosmetics because I have the same issue that is behind this brand. Lirio is made with a concept for women who walk a mile in UV rays and their skin get affected by inflammation, dark spots, and wrinkles.

Lirio Essence is a serum that activates the skin environment and returns the bright and clear skin. It provides the required amount of oil and keeps your skin moisturized and healthy, at the same time it doesn't feel sticky or greasy on your skin.

Ingredients: Contains 14 types of natural plant extracts, aloe vera extracts, soybean leaf extract, sage leaf extract, lemon fruit extract, etc.

How to use?
Get 3-4 pumps of the essence on your palm, use your middle finger to apply the essence on your skin, and push your face gently with your palm to spread all over on your face.
Since it is made naturally, it seems a bit pricy but once you start using it, you will feel like it was worth buying.

Lirio Cleansing Bar is my another pick up from this brand, reason, this is a luxury herbal soap that contains natural ingredients such as Olive oil, Aloe Vera extract, Chamomile flower extract, Madonna Lily root extract, etc. It is a cleansing bar soap, so it cleanses all dirt from your body and also moisturizes your skin. It doesn't feel harsh like the bar soap, that is why I like it very much.
It has a nice aroma scent that makes me feel fresh throughout the day. This soap is as gentle as you can confidently use for babies.

Foot Bar Scrub is something new for me because I never used a scrub bar for my feet. This bar scrub looks great, I like the color too. It contains 600,000 finely crushed walnut shells that stimulate the acupuncture points and gently remove the rough and hard skin. I always love a walnut scrub, it is used in many cosmetics as cleansing and exfoliating.
It also contains the charcoal that gives it a black color. This scrub bar removes Keratin from your foot.

How to Use: 
Dip the soap in lukewarm water and apply on your heels in a circular motion. Massage your feet and wash with the lukewarm water.
You can use it not only for your foot but also your knees and elbows.

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