Do Your Eyes Get Enough Oxygen by O2 Vita

Do your eyes get enough oxygen every day and night??
My eyes do because I use O2 Vita every day and night.

What is O2 Vita?
O2 Vita is a cosmetic brand that makes products which contain oxygen as their main ingredients. Their eye bag serum is a No-1 eye product at @Cosme and it's really good for your eyes. I am using this eye serum for a week and trust me, I have stopped using all of my eye creams and products.

I always have issues with my dry eyes and this product is a holy grail for me. Since I am using it, my eyes don't feel dry at all and I can also see less dark circles around.
It has Oxygen as the main ingredient and also containing rice bran and soybean which are very healthy for your eyes.

How to use?

After cleansing your face, take an appropriate amount (around a large grain of rice) on your fingertip, put it around your eyes, spread it with your ring finger, finish with the corner.
I use it after applying my toner.

I would definitely recommend it to those who are looking for a good eye product.

Thank You


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