Skincare With The Hot Spring Water by An Era

In Japan, hot spring is really popular and hot spring water is famous for beauty. People feel that their skin becomes really moisturized after using a hot spring, they want to use it every day but they can't. That is why An Era was created. An Era is made with the hot spring water by mixing with many selected ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, micro ocean collagen, jojoba oil, etc.

Their Spamoist Cream is a gel-cream moisturizer, that comes with a beautiful royal blue packaging. It contains 75% hot spring water that moisturizes your skin deeply without giving an oily effect. When you use it just after your lotion, it penetrates into the Keratin of the dry skin and returns a firm and glossy skin.

How to use:
After cleanser and lotion, take an appropriate amount, apply on your face and spread it. Gently press your skin with your palm and let your skin absorb the moisture.
 If you're really concerned about dry skin, use this cream as a pack that is not washable. Apply the gel-cream in a thick layer and leave it for 5-10 minutes, then gently press with a tissue or let it blend with your skin.

Have you ever tried any hot spring??

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