Beautiful Face Puff For Beautiful Skin

Ever since I have seen this silk puff with a beautiful ribbon, I fell in love with it like love at first sight. This puff is really beautiful as you can see in the pictures and also looks very luxurious.
I have always been using a net puff for my body but, never tried any for my face, this is the first time when I am using any puff on my skin because it is made with the silk.

What is the Silk Puff?

This silk puff is made by a company called Hoshisei Hadasei from Kyoto Silk Kakosho Co. Ltd. It was made with a concept of when you use silk on your skin, you can feel the real goodness of the silk on your skin. Since the silk looks very luxurious, it also feels very soft and smooth on your skin. It doesn't harm your skin and helps to make it clear with a softness.

When I first used it, it felt so good and soft like baby skin. It helps to clear the rough skin around your nose and your chin.

How to Use?

Get your facial foam on your hands and apply it on your skin. When your facial foam spreads on your face, wet the puff in the water and gently squeeze. Now put the puff on your skin and massage it with a light hand, then wash your face with the water.

You will feel your skin is clearer and smoother than earlier.

Thank You


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