Mineral Veil Powder With SPF45 PA+++

I think the best thing about a beauty product should be the SPF, if I get a chance to have SPF in every single beauty product, I would be the happiest.
That's the reason why I love this mineral veil powder by Virche it has SPF45 PA+++.
When I first saw this brand, I liked the packaging, but when I saw it has SPF45, I fell in love with it. Currently using it every day before going to work.
The packaging is very simple and cute, it has a beautiful puff inside.
It gives you a very light and transparent effect that doesn't feel heavy and sticky like the liquid sun protection, easy to use and effective to protect your skin from the UV rays.
Another pickup from this brand is this marula oil, this product is the best selling product of #virche and it is 100% natural marula oil.

Marula oil helps to tighten your skin and also prevents early aging effects. 
Marula oil clears the spots and gives you an even skin.
Highly effective in moisturizing.
I’m already using marula oil from another brand and I will continue with this one when the old one will be finished.
Products are kindly gifted by the brand, but opinions are my own.

Thank You


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