The Damask Rose Skincare by Lamutee

No matter how much I take care of my skin, every month around those five days, when my hormones change, I get pimples. Those pimples take a long time to recover

Since I have got these three steps of skincare products from Lamutee the pimples have been gone and haven’t seen yet.
Lamutee makes the products specially for hormonal changes in adult woman's body and cure the sensitive skin problem.
Their products are made with Damask rose as the main ingredient which give it a very nice scent.

Not just the scent, but the packaging is also cute, very simple and elegant. The lotion and essence come with the glass bottle.

You only have to follow these three steps to get a pore clear, acne and pimple free ad moisturized skin.
Damask Rose Foam
When you use this face wash with the net, it gives you a very nice foam, that cleans all the dirt from your skin and also clears your pores.
Once it gets dry, it keeps the moisture on your skin and doesn’t make it dry.
Damask Rose Lotion

This lotion penetrates your skin from deep inside and keeps it moisturized until next morning.
If your lotion makes your skin itchy and red, you definitely should try this lotion. It moisturizes your skin without any irritation.
Damask Rose Essence 

It is a bit expensive than my regular essence, but since it was a gift from the brand, I’m loving it and I would like to buy this lotion on my own next time.
It has a beautiful transparent yet milky texture.
It controls the skin barrier and sebum, protects from the dryness and irritation causing the skin problem.
Highly recommended to those who have sensitive skin and acne problems.
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