Atumn Favorite Face Masks

I recently made a blog post on "Why you should apply a night cream or mask". Today I am going to share my favorite masks that I used this autumn. 

ABC High Concentrate Gel Mask

 This mask is a new skincare that penetrates your skin deeply into your sleeping skin and soothes the health and beauty of your skin from the surface. It has rice bran and honey that makes your skin smooth like honey. This is a newly launched mask that was sent to me as a PR gift. At first, when I tried it, I didn't like the scent, but when I saw my skin the next morning, I felt like my skin actually needs it. Even though the scent is a little hard for me, I really like the way it moisturizes my skin.

ABC high concentrated gel mask an overnight intensive skincare mask that helps the circulation of skin with selected natural ingredients and brings out the natural beauty that the skin has inherently.
                                                                                                                                              Says ABC

Lululun Sheet Mask

This is something that I don't only use for autumn, but the whole year and I am using it for last two years. I really love Lululun and I can't imagine what would I do if I stop using it.
This autumn I bought a new edition of Lululun plus fresh red.
If you see my Instagram sheet masking story highlight, you can see how nice this mask is. This is a weekly mask that contains the serum as much as you can use for a month. I used this mask for a month on Sundays evenings, my skin felt so hydrated and moisturized for the whole week.
I will keep using and sharing Lululun time by time because they have a lot for me to try.

Elixir Oyasumi Mask

This is something that I use 2-3 times a week. I use Elixir skincare lineup for both of my am & pm routine, this mask is also a part of my pm skincare routine. This mask is very helpful if you want an overnight glow. It makes your skin extra glowier the next morning when you use it at night. I also need it when I have something special the next day. 

Do you use a night mask, if yes, tell me your favorite one?

Thank You


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