Climate Inspired Skincare Solution

Axis-Y sent me their 6+1+1 advanced formula skincare lineup to try and share my experience with you. 

What is the 6+1+1 advanced formula?

Our 611 skincare is designed to work together to completely care for our community’s skin and let do what they do best - being themselves.
Says Axis-y

Their skincare lineup has basically made for those who have combination skin like me and it changes with every season, for example, it becomes oily during the summer and dry in winter.
Axis-Y helps the combination skin to balance with the atmosphere and makes it healthy and beautiful along with the natural ingredients.

I like the one-step balanced cleanser because it has Quinova and green tea and I love both. This cleanser is easy to use and you don't need to double cleanse your skin after using this.
Another product I like is the dark spot correcting glow serum and this is my favorite because:
1- This is a serum
2- It clears your dark spots and makes your skin tone even.


Apart from these two full-size products, I also got these two samples that I have already shared on my Instagram. I only tried the samples of daily purifying treatment toner and artichoke intensive skin barrier ampoule, so I can't say more about them but they have formulated for oily skin to prevent the acne and inflammation.


Overall, I like the packaging and all the natural ingredients like Quinoa, tea tree, green tree, artichoke, Papaya, etc.
I am going to use their Dark spot correcting glow serum until the very last drop of it to clear my dark spots and make my skin tone crystal clear.

Thank You


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