Do You Consume Rice Bran For A Healthy Skin?

Rice bran, not only good for the human body but also good for your skin. Rice bran has many active ingredients including Vitamins. Rice bran ingredients that has been popular with Japanese women since ancient times.

The person, who stir the rice bran flour is beautiful. Rice bran have been known for making skin white and beautiful. 
                                                                                                                                          Says Inaho

I recently started using this all in one gel for my morning skincare routine, that contains rice bran and other ingredients. It is easy to use and also I don't have to follow all the other steps, just apply this after washing my face during the rush mornings. 

Inaho All in One Gel

It penetrates quickly and gives a moisturized skin. It is easy to to adjust to the skin with low irritation and excellent moisturizing feeling.
The main moisturizing ingredients are derived from rice bran, rice germ oil, rice bran extract, etc.
It is gentle on the skin and keeps your skin moisturized without stickiness.

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