Serum Love

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The holiday season is still to come, but I feel like I have already got my holiday gift as these colorful serums. I always talk that facial serum is my favorite part of the skincare. My love for serums introduced me to this amazing brand that only deals with facial serums. Bellique makes six different types of serums and each serum is specialized for different skin problems.
They gifted me all these six bottles and I like all of them especially their sensitive serum and Stem fine serum.

Sensitive Serum

My skin is very sensitive and this product suits my skin, it cures my acne and makes my skin super hydrated. It contains "Acetyglucosamine phosphate 2NA", Rhodosolus Marinus extract and Opuntiafix Indica stem extract as moisturizing ingredients to prevent rough skin caused by external irritation and lead to well-organized skin.

Stem Fine Serum

It is made with the human stem cells and contains 30% of beauty serum to hydrate the skin from deeper. This comes in a 15ml bottle so it is travel-friendly. I also like the packaging, it is very small and cute.

Bright Serum

This serum is made for those women who want to have bright and shiny skin,, formulated with Lactic acid/ glycolic acid for brightening the skin. This is an essence that keeps your skin bright and beautiful and leads to bright and shiny.

Turn Clear Serum

This serum is for those who feel like their skin has become irritated, it makes the skin soft and smooth like silk with the fruit acid, Fuchosou leaf extract, and Galactoarabinan.

Bellimune Serum

This is a kind of serum that protects the skin against dry or damaged and gives the firmness and freshness.

Lift Serum

This serum gives the bouncy and firm skin with Red clover flower extract as a skin tightening ingredients.

I am going to have nice, healthy and hydrated skin with these serums, what about you?


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