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A Complete Hair Care Solution

Hi everyone, how are you doing?

I was disappear for last one week, because I wasn't feeling good for a while. On December first, I announced that I am going to post something everyday, but I couldn't make it. Well, things happen and we keep moving. Here I am trying to get back on the track with some new charm.

It's review time..

I am reviewing this cute little hair care gift set by lavilla vita. La villa vita re-hair concierge set comes with six different type of hair products, that gives you a complete hair care solution with nice fragrance

Re-Hair Shampoo S
Re-Hair Deep Mask Smooth
Re-Hair Deep Mask Moist
Re-Hair Multi Mist
Re-hair oil
Re-Hair Milk

Their products are formulated with the high quality ingredients to nourish and repair your hair from the scalp. This set is a sample set so you can try them and see the result before you buy the regular size for yourself, this is very handy and travel friendly set.

Thank You