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How to Get a Glowing skin From Your Kitchen

All of us want to have a healthy, glowing and younger looking skin, so we spend a fortune on the store of buying many skin care products, but have you ever thought, we can have a glowing younger looking skin with using the kitchen stuff??……yes kitchen. Why run after so many harmful chemicals when we can

Winter Favorite #Nivea

Hi…!!! When it’s about winter, the first brand comes in everyone’s mind, that is Nivea. Winter favorite, not only mine, even everyone’s favorite since years. I have grown up with using Nivea in every winter. Its scent reminds me of my childhood and my school timing. Winter is almost here, and I have already bought my Nivea collection,

What’s In My Makeup Bag

Hey Guys….. I’m not a huge makeup addict but I like to have some important things in my makeup bag. Well, I have more makeup bags, but this one I bought recently for travel purpose 😉 I like this tiny black kit with white polka dots and a cute pink bow on this kit. There is enough

My New Nail Kit/Nail Filer

Ahh, Pink again, I love buying pink stuff, more and more pink stuff, this time “A nail kit”. A nail file is a very important thing in our life, every woman must have a nail file in her makeup bag.  This is a fact that a well-groomed woman can’t groom herself properly without a nail file, so

Lush- Shower Gel & Bar/ Lip Scrub

LUSH HANDMADE COSMETICS I didn’t know about LUSH till one of my friends (who lives in Japan) was not gifted me these products.When I got the gift, first I like the packaging, it comes in a black carry bag written LUSH HANDMADE COSMETICS in light brown color on the bag. The packaging was so beautiful. The first product