Botanical Esthe by Stella Seed

In this busy life, not everyone has a lot of time to do proper skincare, of course, it takes time so we want a quick solution. If you are also one of those busy people who don't have enough time and you still want to pamper your skin, try Botanical Esthe
Botanical Esthe is a Japanese skincare brand that focuses on the botanical ingredients and power of plants.
They say,
The botanical beauty ingredients that condense the power of the plants are spread into the stratum corneum at the moment when they are applied to the skin, making the skin look like esthetic tailoring. Make skincare easier and more luxurious, moisturizing your daily life. That is the mission of Botanical Esthetics.

Their sheet masks and Shower mist are great to use when you're in a hurry.

Botanical Shower Mist This mist is rich in moisture and doesn't feel sticky. It can be used in many ways, such as, after the shower, after applying your makeup, in the morning after washing your face or before the bed. This…

An Eatable Cosmetic Range by Revanche

Hello there!!

Do you eat your cosmetics??
Confused right??
Don't get confused because I am going to tell you about a brand that makes edible cosmetics. Yes, now you can eat your lipsticks and it doesn't harm you.
Introducing Revanche which makes natural cosmetics that are eatable. Its lip balms are made with 100% eatable ingredients.
The cosmetics we use on an everyday basis, have some ingredients which enter our body through the mouth and harm it, so we thought to make a cosmetic that is eatable and doesn't harm anyway.
                                                                                                                                         Says Revanche

Their lip products come with three types Fruit and vegetable rouge, vegetable lip and vegetable color lip. I picked up fruit and vegetable rouge Berry Red shade out of four different shades. I love the color and also the glossy finish. It is a reasonable lip product, but its packaging looks very rich.
It is s…

Pearl Moist Cleansing Gel by Pearldays

The month started with a perfect summer gift by Pearldays. Pearldays sent me their cleansing gel to try and give feedback. Since the summer in Japan has become very hot, this is the best gift. It contains water and it also has a greeny fresh scent so it makes you feel fresh after a hot day. It is moist type and removes all your makeup and pores while keeping your skin moist.
Recommended for those.....
If you are concerned about the dryness after make-off
If you want a refreshing makeup removal
If you want to keep the clear pores but not too much sebum.

How to use?
Take an appropriate amount on your palm, apply on the skin and massage in a circular motion.
Wash your face with the lukewarm water so it can remove all the dirt from your skin.

Pamper Your Hands With Neway Nano-Amino

The weather is getting hotter day by day and we need to take very good care of ourself. When we go out in this weather, we always put sunscreen, cover our faces with an umbrella or a hat, but what about your hands. We cannot cover our hands all the time, so we need to pamper our hands and take good care of them.
Neway has a very good lineup to pamper your hands. Their Nano-Amino lineup is perfect for summer and you can take them with you anywhere. These products are very cute and come in travel-friendly sizes so you can keep them in your handbag or even your pocket and use whenever you want.
Repair Oil in Mist This is a spray mist to give your hands an extra layer of oil, which they generally lose by washing. Easy to use, just spray on your hands after washing and keep them moisturized. It has a natural floral scent, you can also use it on the rough and dry hair.
Hand & Nail repair cream This is repairing and regenerating cream, which regenerates the dry and rough skin. The more yo…

A Complete Luxury Moisturizing Range by Karuizawa Organic Lab

Last week I shared a picture on my Instagram with my first impression of these beautiful and luxury beauty products by Karuizawa. My first impression of this brand was, it looks really beautiful and since it is an expensive brand too,  it really looks luxurious. The combination of white and silver with a crystal finish looks very classy. I didn't try these products that day so no I am going to share my experience.
Karuizawa is a Japanese beauty brand and they make their products organically. They launched a very good lineup in moisturizer. I got the full range of their moisturizing lineup and I just love them.
Since they're made organically, smell like an incense stick and reminds me of my home. All products have the same scent and I love this scent, it's too good. This lineup is specially made for the dry skin, lack of elasticity and collagen.
This complete pack improves the function of collagen and elastin in a healthy manner, maintains the skin firmness and suppressed …

Face Care Oil For Anti-Aging

Are you a skincare addict??, I would recommend you to add a facial oil to your skincare. Facial oil makes your skin even more tighten, decreases the fine lines and wrinkles and good for anti-aging. I use a facial oil in my both (Am & Pm) skincare routine. Last week I got this pure organic oil by the Pure shop. This oil has made with 100% natural ingredients like organic soy oil, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, organic Argan oil, apricot kernel oil, etc. The elasticity of your skin decreases with age, which causes wrinkles and sagging.  This oil keeps the elasticity and increases the collagen and gives you a youthful skin.
This oil has a lavender scent which calms your mind and heart. It is also a budget and travel-friendly, so you can always carry it with you and it lasts longer.
How to use?
After cleansing and toning your skin at night, take 1-2 drops of this oil on your palm and spread it on your both palms. Now put it on your face and press a little.
Mix 1-2 drops of th…

How To Look Like A Model: by Sandalphon

Every girl wants to look like a model and have beautiful skin, but how??
Beautiful skin needs two things,
1- Healthy food: Eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits, nut, etc. Drink lots of water, stay hydrated and look young from the within.

2- A good skincare: A good skincare is what you are using for your skin and how. Skincare is a process and if you don't follow the process, you cannot have good skincare. The process of skincare is cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. If you follow the process and finish your skincare with following by Sandalphon, you can definitely look like a model.

Sandalphon the model face gel is a facial gel-cream for uplifting your skin. It is a gel-like an essence that is easy to penetrate your skin and support care with firmness.
It has a citrus-floral scent with orange and lemon extracts. It contains water, glycerine, Polyglyceryl-10, and other ingredients to provide your skin uplifting effect.

How to use:
Take an amount of two pearl size on yo…

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