There is No Place Like TOKYO

The last week of April called Golden Week here in Japan and they have a national holiday for the whole week and sometimes even more so that people can travel, have fun and enjoy their life. This Golden Week, I went to Tokyo with my husband. Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the World and way more fun than you can expect. Tokyo is big, busy and brilliant, in one word, it's just unbelievable. At the same time, it is also the most expensive city in the world, can you imagine??

Here I am sharing few most beautiful and famous spots in Tokyo you would love to explore..!!
Ginza Ginza is basically the most expensive shopping street in the world. There is nothing cheap and it is enhanced with all various high-end brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Gorgio Armani, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo and many more... Since Japanese people live a luxurious life and love to shop high-end brands, Ginza has become their favorite spot. You can explore the Ginza street in a more ple…

April Favorite Essentials

Hi everyone, It's been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog, this time I came back with my another month favorite products. I tried so many products in April but here are some of my most favorite products for the month....!! Skinvill Cleansing Gel This cleansing gel usually comes in an orange tube, but this one is their special edition for cherry blossom. This cleansing gel has something special, it's called HOT Cleansing Gel. Basically, when you take the gel out of the tube and apply it on your skin, it feels hot (warm), isn't it interesting?? It has a melting formula which first absorbs your makeup and impurities and then cleans it. You don't even need double cleansing after using this. It contains 99.7% beauty serum which helps your skin moisturizing and tightening.

Chifure Essential Cream Chifure is a Japanese affordable brand and its quality is really good. This essential cream is my first buy from Chifure. It has a very light aroma scent and the t…

Top 10 Best Japanese Skincare Products

Japan has a huge, (when I say huge it means really huge) variety of skin care products and it's really difficult to choose only 10 best products, but I chose those 10 products, which are not only popular in Japan, but the world knows them as the best Japanese beauty products. Here is my list to top 10 Japanese skincare products...!!

1-SK-II Facial Treatment EssenceSK-II facial treatment essence is the number one Japanese skincare product I have ever tried, I have already made a blog post about it. It is also called as miracle water, as it really does a miracle to your skin, SK-II evens your skin texture and brightens your skin. It helps to prevent you from early aging effect and reduces the dark spots. The price is quite high but worth investing your money. 2-AnessaAnessa is one of the best Japanese Award-winning sunscreens. It has an SPF 50++++PA UV protection. It comes in three forms, milk, gel and cream. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin and gets absorbed by your skin ver…

How To Get the Snow White Glowing Skin

Hey there!!
I don't know if you also have the same problem, but in summer or when the weather starts getting warmer, my skin becomes a little dull and I also get so many skin problems. As I have already mentioned in some of my previous posts, that I have many skin problems like dull skin, pigmentation, dryness, and other during the summer, I always keep trying some new and rich (rich in quality) products.
It's March, and the weather has already started getting warmer so I am taking very good care of my skin. I am using this beautiful sheet mask called Snow Glow, it is from a Korean brand Meditamin. It is very rich in serum and Vitamins. I am also using their beauty supplement called the Snow Cell to get the snow white glow from within.

About The Products Meditamin Snow Glow is a premium brightening sheet mask specially made for the sensitive skin. It is a thin layered microfiber sheet mask which sticks to your face properly. Snow Glow is full with thick serum, which moisturiz…

How To Make Earrings at Home #DIY

Beads earrings are always in trend and they also look very beautiful and go with any of your outfits.  I am adding this new and easy earring to my DIY list so you can try it at home without any complications.  Material Required Beads (as per your choice) 2 Strings 2 small size beads 2 Earring hooks Pliers
Steps to follow To make these earrings, please follow the steps with the pictures given below.
Step-1 Step-2 Step-3 Step-4 Step-5 Turn the edge of the string wire circular way and attach the hook with the string. The easy DIY earring is ready to wear. I made this set of three (necklace, bracelet, and earring) in rose gold color to match them with my next outfit, hope you would like it.
Thanks for reading Love❤️ Priyanka

SK-II- The Luxury Beauty

I have heard that good things happen over the right time, just experienced it with beauty. I have kept my eyes on this highly expensive skincare since I was new to Japan and started my research on the best Japanese beauty products. I found it is the best Japanese beauty product, but when I went to the shop for buying it, I was so shocked to see the price, it is also the most expensive brand. After watching so many videos and reading many reviews I got to know that SK-II Facial treatment essence is the best seller and highly recommended product of Japanese skincare.
I tried two sample bottle of it and finally bought this small size (75ml) bottle of this facial treatment essence at the beginning of this year. I am using it for a month now and its time to review the product.

About the product The product is an essence and looks like transparent water.  The texture is very fine and gets absorbed easily.  The packaging is a very high-quality crystal bottle says SK-II facial treatment esse…

How to Make a Double String Bead Necklace

In search of my next DIY project, I headed to a new jewelry craft store. I saw these rose gold pearls with some matching beads and decided to make this pretty necklace. I bought twelve different types of matching beads to make this piece. It took me an hour to match the beads together, but when it accomplished, it turned into a really alluring neck piece. Here's how I did it myself...

Material Required Different types of matching beads String wire Crimp beads Jump Rings Wire guardians
Lobster Clasp

Steps to follow 1-  Cut the string wire as per the desired size, lock one edge of the wire with tape and start beading first round with small beads following up with this dark shade one size bigger bead (the smaller beads I am using is 14 each side). Complete at least 4 times beading the smaller one with the combination of dark or matching bigger beads. 2- Now make the first pattern with these matching combo beads.
3- Follow the small bead pattern with this pearl and ma…