Inside The Wardrobe # Accessories

Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to share with you all what I keep in my wardrobe. I’m going to share some of my most favorite accessories, some of them I always use, some of them I have never ever used before, so here’s the time to reveal all of them.

Pink Tote from Caprese

I love this pink tote bag from Caprese and I bought it from Amazon, after searching for a  month, I got this Pink tote bag on Amazon. This bag is really beautiful. Quite expensive, but the bag worth its price. The color is a beautiful pink, the material is thick and there is a lot of space inside the bag so I can carry a lot of things in this bag. I got one more long sling strap with it so I can carry it with both styles, handy and side sling.

Small Sling Bag From Lavie

When I don’t want to carry a big bag with me, I carry this small sling bag which I bought from Lavie. I bought this bag last year and I use it always. I like the color combination of this bag-blue and brown. It’s a pure leather bag so I love the material. Its size is small, so easy to carry.

Pink Bow Hat

I bought this hat in last summer (2017), this hat is also in a pink color. I liked the color and the size of this hat, quite big so it can protect my face from harmful sun rays. It has made with fabric and jute straps. It has a big pink bow in front which gives it a girlish look.

Ray-Ban Sunglass

How anyone can not have a Ray-Ban. If you will ask me about a sunglass, I’ll always recommend a Ray-Ban. There are so many big and small brands, but I always prefer Ray-Ban just because I trust on the logo Ray-Ban for my eyes. I usually wear specs, but I keep this greenish shades with me when I have to go out.

White Heels from Bata

White heels, a must-have thing for every girl’s wardrobe. You can wear white heels with every cloth. I never, never use heels except when I have to wear a saree. But I keep these heels in my wardrobe for in case. I bought it in may 2017 and never worn till now, but I like this pair.

Puma women sport shoes

This is the one I would like to wear every single day. I give priority to my comfort and this pair of shoes from Puma is the best example for me. I bought these shoes in August 2016, and use it a lot, but still, it is in the same condition. It is very comfortable and doesn’t irritate my legs even when I have to walk a lot.

Black Leather Belt

It’s a type of formal belt, but I use this casually. We always need a good and decent leather belt so I bought this one, this is a must-have accessory.

Blue Bow Waistband

Finally, I got a chance to reveal this waistband. I got it as a gift from someone very special to me. This bow waistband looks very cute and girly, but I didn’t use this ever. I got this waistband last year but never had a chance to wear it so today I’m revealing it in my post.

These are my inside the wardrobe stuff, what’s in your wardrobe, leave your comment in the comment box below.

Love ❤️



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