Winter Favorite #Nivea

Hi…!!! When it’s about winter, the first brand comes in everyone’s mind, that is Nivea. Winter favorite, not only mine, even everyone’s favorite since years. I have grown up with using Nivea in every winter. Its scent reminds me of my childhood and my school timing. Winter is almost here, and I have already bought my Nivea collection,

Inside The Wardrobe # Accessories

Hey Guys, Today I’m going to share with you all what I keep in my wardrobe. I’m going to share some of my most favorite accessories, some of them I always use, some of them I have never ever used before, so here’s the time to reveal all of them. Pink Tote from Caprese I

What’s In My Makeup Bag

Hey Guys….. I’m not a huge makeup addict but I like to have some important things in my makeup bag. Well, I have more makeup bags, but this one I bought recently for travel purpose 😉 I like this tiny black kit with white polka dots and a cute pink bow on this kit. There is enough

Shimmery Half Net Saree

Hii…!!! This is my latest Design, Half Net-Georgette Saree with Sequins Border. I love the color combination of Blue and Golden, so chose this combination for my new Saree Design. The golden netted portion along with the circular golden sequins work and border enhances the beauty of this saree. The other part of this saree has a blue

My New Nail Kit/Nail Filer

Ahh, Pink again, I love buying pink stuff, more and more pink stuff, this time “A nail kit”. A nail file is a very important thing in our life, every woman must have a nail file in her makeup bag.  This is a fact that a well-groomed woman can’t groom herself properly without a nail file, so

Lush- Shower Gel & Bar/ Lip Scrub

LUSH HANDMADE COSMETICS I didn’t know about LUSH till one of my friends (who lives in Japan) was not gifted me these products.When I got the gift, first I like the packaging, it comes in a black carry bag written LUSH HANDMADE COSMETICS in light brown color on the bag. The packaging was so beautiful. The first product

Floral Blue

Blue is the color of water💦💧 So I chose to wear this floral printed blue dress when I visited one of my favorite water gardens, I was waiting to visit from so long. The blue dress has white flower print on it. The fabric is a very fine silk fabric which makes me feel so comfortable.

Shrishti-2015, Fashion Show

Hey Guys, This blog is related to the biggest achievement of my life (till now), My Fashion Show. In 2015, I was already having a boutique from last two years, so I thought to let my boutique get one more step up. Somehow with the help of my brother, I got a platform where I