Baby it’s cold outside

Hey Guys,

I wish you all a very very Happy New Year, a little late because I was busy with traveling, I was on a trip for 5 Days so I couldn’t do much with blogging, but I have captured so many memories of my trip which I’ll be sharing with you all later.

The first week of the year means winter is at its peak, and it’s too cold outside. Most of the people love winter, I’m also one of them. I love winter, but it’s very difficult for me to survive in this cold, I usually get sick because I have a very bad problem with Tonsils, so I always get sick when the weather is changing or it feels cold. To protect myself with this problem, I recently bought some cozy winter wear, which I really love and also they are my new style statement in this winter.


Apart from black, I like other dark colors for Jackets like brown, dark green and purple. Purple is a really girly color so I bought this purple heavy Jacket from GAP. It is quite short, but it’s very cozy and warm for this winter. I like everything about this Jacket, including this big Huddy.

Gray is a kind of boring color, at the same time it is also a very common and all-purpose color. You can wear gray color anytime, anywhere especially in your workplace. So I bought this gray color sweater for my workplace, I got it at a very cheap price but it is very comfy.

The best part of winter is wearing cozy caps. I like different types of caps so here I’m wearing this gray cap, which is two-sided, one is with self-design and another one is plain so I can wear it with both sides.

A scarf is the best option for styling your winter outfit, especially the check one. A simple outfit can look more stylish with a checkered scarf and everyone would like to have the one of it. I bought this white and red check scarf, this is not so big, but good to style my winter look 😉

A cowl is another fashion statement in the winter season. Every Fashion freak girl would love to wear cowl in the winter. I never tried a cowl before but this winter I bought some beautiful and cozy cowls and I really love them.


Who else love winter and cozy clothes?

Love  ❤


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