Inside the Wardrobe 2 #clothing

Hey there…!!

Here’s my first post related my wardrobe, “Asseccories”, now it’s time to share about clothing. So today I’m gonna reveal my wardrobe in front of you people. It’s not my whole wardrobe, I’ve chosen some pieces which fits me so well and makes me feel so comfortable because I believe the comfort is the most important thing.

Orange Dress By KAZO

The first thing I chose to show you is this dress, I picked up this dress from KAZO India from GIP Delhi. I love this dress because it fits me so well and I think it is made for me, also I love this because it has some very emotional memories of my life in Delhi so yes I love this dress. It is a bright orange netted dress with a thread embroidery. I like its material and the color. It has a very short round neck from the front and very deep round neck from the back, the size of this dress is quite short but I love to wear this.


Tshirt Dress from H&M

I really like wearing a Tshirt dress because it is so comfortable, so light and good for the person like me, who decides what to wear at the last moment. If I can’t decide what to wear, I choose this dress. I like the color of this dress, military green.


Floral Pink

I’m a flower print lover, so I have some floral dresses, this is one of them, this dress fits me so well and also shows my curves so I like it so much. I bought this dress from H&M, it is also very very cheap.


Tank Top

This one is also one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, I bought this top on my birthday 2017 by ONLY. This is a very comfy Ganji type tank top, open from the back, it has a glittery caption “HOPE” with the small stones, which makes it look beautiful. I like to carry it with this pink Ganji by Jocky women.

Denim Denim

When it’s about denim, blue color always goes on. This blue one is my favorite denim which is Levi’s 711 low waist jeans, not so loose not so skinny, very comfortable, so I like to wear this denim on every single day.



Black 3/4 sleeves and Shorts

So this is something which makes me so comfortable in summer at the same time so cool and stylish. I bought this top from ONLY, a year ago, which is a very loose pattern top written SECRET with sequins on it. I love to pair this cool top with this denim shorts. I like the color of this shorts, military again.



This is something I got as a gift from someone, but I love the color and pattern of this jacket. this is so stylish and very light leather jacket. I like the neck of this jacket round one.

Velvet checks

This is something I’m loving in this winter. This is a soft velvet pant comes to my ankle. I like the check pattern of this pant because this check is in trend now. The pant is very soft from upside and very warm from inside.

Purple Skirt and Blue Top

This is one of my most favorite pieces in my wardrobe, I like to wear it again and again and again….! I like everything about this skirt as I’m a skirt lover person, I like the color, the fits and the size of this skirt. This is too short and looks so pretty and cool. I always pair it with good sports shoes so it gives me a sporty look. I also like this blue top which I bought from Globus India, very convenient. I like the color of this top which is very bright blue color and the sleeves which is a frill sleeve.


Here are some of my tops, which I like to wear in summers, these are so comfortable and stylish.

A floral top which has a loose pattern so it is very comfortable and so easy to carry.

A white shirt by Vero Moda, I think everyone should have a white shirt. I love this shirt, it is so girly and also by my favorite brand Vero Moda.



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