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One Month Blogging #200 Followers

Hello Readers…!!

Some of you would know me and my blog from more than one month so you would be wondering why I’m saying one-month blogging.

I started blogging in the month of September 2017 at which was on a free plan, after getting a very good response and so much love from you, I decided to take a new step in my blogging life. I thought to get a paid plan for my site as I could not do too much with a free plan. After so much research, I got to know that org is the best option for me so I planned to migrate my site from to Org. Due to some reasons, I was not able to migrate my site so at the end the only option I had was to delete my site permanently. I had worked harder on my previous site so it wasn’t easy for me to delete, but I’ve more expectations from my site so I had to delete.

I deleted my old site and created a new one with a hosting plan and guess what? The hosting worked for me like a miracle, yes, I got 250 Followers in a month, like OMG……..!!

I had lost 39 Followers with my last site, which I was made in two months with a free plan site, but now I have 250 followers just in one month, Woowww.

In a month, I got 250 followers on my site, 240 likes on my posts and more than 1100 hits on my blog just in one month, so it is like a miracle for me.

At the end, I would like to say thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart, every time I get more confidence when you guys like or follow my blog. So thank you, thank you so much for your support and love.

Love  ❤️ 



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