Rapid Fire and 30 facts About Me

Hey there…!!

I started receiving emails from some of you guys asking me about my life and my interests, it makes me feel so special that you’re my genuine readers so you’re taking an interest in my personal and professional life. Instead of replying the same thing to every email, I thought to write a post about my life and 30 facts about me.

I’m a working woman with a qualification background in fashion, so my most of the interests are in the Fashion world. I’ a Fashion Designer and earlier I was designing clothes for ladies of Varanasi, India, But these days I only design clothes for myself.  Ooh yes, I’m a Yoga freak person so I’m ready for Yoga, anytime and anywhere, legally certified in Yoga so you can ask me any question related to it.

One of my other interests is cooking, I never cooked when I was staying with my mom, but I started taking interest in cooking when I moved to another place. I started missing my mum’s food so I started taking interest in cooking. I take fast on Thursday, so no food on that day, only juice, and fruits.

I like gardening and I’ve planted many plants in my backyard.

I like to keep my place clean and well organized.

I’m a bathroom singer yet won many prices in school time for singing.

I’m a Pizza and chocolate lover and I don’t eat chicken, I’m eggetarian.

1- Hollywood or Bollywood?- Bollywood

2- Shahrukh or Amir??- Amir

3- Movies or Youtube??- Youtube

4- Roadtrip or Flight??- Roadtrip

5- Candle Light Dinner or Pub??- Candlelight dinner


6- Favorite food??- Ghar ka Khana

7- Tea or Coffee??- Tea (Chai)

8- Soup or Salad??- Salad

9- Fruits or juice??Juice

10- Yoga or Gym??- Of course Yoga

11- One fitness mantra??- Eat whatever you want, but after that, get sweat on your Yoga Mat

12- Household or Working??- Obviously Working

13- Corporate or Fashion World??- Fashion World

14- London or Paris??- Paris

15-Favorite Fashion Icon?- Sonam Kapoor

16- Outfit- Indian or Western- Western

17- Skirt or Dress- Skirt

18- Favorite clothing brand??- Vero Moda

19- Flats or Heels??- Flats

20- Favorite Cosmetics Brand??- Lakme & Revlon

21- Eye Liner or Kajal??- Eye Liner

22- Favorite makeup essential?- Eyeliner and Lipstick

23- One thing, I can’t live without??- My specs

24- 3 things without I can’t go out??- Wallet, Mobile, and House key

25- Favorite Hollyday Spot?- Staying at home and watching a movie or cooking

26- One advice for Fashion Blogger??- When life gives you lemons, sell them in the market and buy fashion clothes

27- What type of camera do you use??- I only use my iPhone 7plus camera

28- Happiest moment?- Talking to Mum, Shopping

29- My Inspiration?– My Mum

30- What makes me wake up early in the morning??- My blog’s Notification.

Keep asking me, I’m available to give the answer to anything related to me, and thanks for showing your interest. More is about to come, stay connected.


Love ❤️



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