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New Design, Orange Saree With Mirror Work

Saree never gets out of fashion, it's always in trend. I love wearing saree and my love of saree makes me more creative and gives more new ideas to work with. I have already designed a few sarees, here is my new design

Alluring with a new ethnic look with this orange saree featuring with mirror border and golden piping with the pink combination, made with pure georgette fabric.

The orange georgette saree enhanced by a heavy mirror work border. The saree has 4-inch wide border all around and finished with gold shimmer trimming. The base material of this saree is a pure georgette fabric and it's plain along with the border.

This beautiful saree is a perfect piece for your ethnic wardrobe which enhances your beauty for any Indian party.

The beautiful pink blouse adorned with zardozi and mirror work all over. I have worn this blouse with my pink saree but it perfectly matches with this one too.

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The Outlet Mall, Hiroshima

The Outlet mall is the first Outlet in Hiroshima and it is the most beautiful mall I have ever seen. It is located on the top of the mountain 5-6 Km away from the main city. The observatory view of the city from the mall is just adorable.
The outlet mall is not made in a traditional Japanese style, it is made in a western style and it looks like a shopping street in London. They have so many big brands like Armani, Coach, Lacoste, Guess, Nike, Adidas, Ray-Ban, Paul Smith and many more. All brands have their separate hut style counter or shop. It looks amazing.
It has two-faces outdoor and indoor. If you are looking for a shopping spree, head to the top floor and when you get tired of shopping, head to the down floor and take a rest while eating different types of Japanese food.
ProsIt is a beautiful place to visit near Hiroshima It has a huge option for shopping lovers. The pricing is really good at any big brands.  Different varieties of Japanese food. You can find different sports options …

September Favorites Essentials

I tried so many things in September and I love a few of them. Here I am sharing my September favorite essentials which I really like and want to buy again and again.

DHC Cleansing Oil
I have already made a post about DHC Cleansing Oil. This is one of my favorites beauty essential and I am so obsessed with it. DHC Cleansing oil is one of the most popular cleansing oil in Japan and it is really effective, it removes your makeup very easily.
Just take a few drops of it in your palms and apply to your makeup area, that's it, it removes your very easily and cleans your face.

Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whisper Lipstick I love Maybelline lip products, lip balm or lipstick, both are good. I have been using this Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whisper Lipsticks since September, and I like the way it is. I prefer to use it in the daytime on a regular basis or at my work.
It is really good for those who want a glossy effect with a very light shade.
It has a very pretty day color wi…

DIY Bracelets Facebook Giveaway

Hola I recently made these beautiful bracelets and I am giving them away to you my lovely ladies. I was so excited to make this post because this is my first giveaway and it is a DIY. Here is the rule of entering this giveaway.

RulesTo enter this giveaway, all you have to do is,
1- Like my Facebook page and share the giveaway contest on your profile
2- Subscribe to my blog via email and comment on my latest blog post and tell me that how did you get to know about Pkreation.

First three people will get one of these DIY bracelets (The giveaway will be closed after October 5th).

If you like these beautiful bracelets and want to have them, please participate in the giveaway contest and follow the rules. Since it's a Facebook giveaway, you will be notified by Facebook messenger once you will get selected.

Note-1 This giveaway is only applicable to Japan due to shipping charges.
2- Pkreation is not responsible for losing your entries for the contest.


DIY Turquoise Bead Necklace

I am not good at making jewelry. This is my first DIY jewelry ever.
I have seen so many Turquoise pieces of jewelry in bead stores in India and Japan, but never thought to make one. I saw these combination beads during a random shopping at DAISO, I thought it could be a great option for my first DIY jewelry. I made it very easy and it turned into a beautiful neck piece.
I am using four small packs of turquoise beads (one long, one big and two small round beads),
What You'll need? 4 packet different types of beads Needle and thread Jump rings and a hook Pliers to open the jump rings
How You'll Make it? First of all, open the jump rings with the help of pliers and make a chain by attaching them with each other.

Take a double thread (around 22cm) and make a small knot with threading the needle.

Feed the thread up through the whole of the hook and make two knots.

Start beading your one pack of small beads on the thread.

After finishing one pack of small beads start making your design …

Dove Cleansing Water and Facial Wash Beauty Serum

Dove Japan has a lot of skin care products and they also come for different skin type.
I got these double cleanser Dove Cleansing Water and Facial Wash Beauty Serum two months ago and now it's time to share my experience with you.

Dove Cleansing Water I would not say that this is the best cleansing product, but it is a really good option for your daily makeup removal, it removes your makeup very easily. Just pump the water 3-4 pumps on a cotton pad and remove your makeup, then wash your face with the foaming wash. 

Facial Wash Beauty SerumDove facial wash beauty serum comes in different types, you can go with your skin type. After cleansing your skin with the Dove Cleansing Water, use this facial wash to remove the last texture of your makeup. Take a required quantity of it and rub on your palms with the help of water and make a foam, now apply the foam on your face and massage all around so it can clean your face properly. Rinse your face with tap water and you will get a very cl…

Miyajima Island Part 2, Dear and Street Food

Following the part one of Miyajima here Deer They are the cutest thing on Miyajima Island. Apart from Nara Dear park, this is the second place where you can play with dears. Miyajima island is a home to dears, they walk towards people and don't afraid. Even if they are really hungry, they won't attack towards you for food, and once they are served with their food, they will bow at you, isn't it so adorable?. The Japanese government helps to feed the deer, but most of them are dependent on the food which tourists serve them. I would recommend you to must buy food to feed the deer, it is easy to find anywhere in Miyajima.

Street Food Walking through the shopping street you will find many snack shops. You can smell a smoky smell of oyster at almost every restaurant. If you are a seafood lover, you can find very fresh oyster at every stall. Miyajima has the biggest oyster market in Japan.  The second famous thing to try here is Momiji Manju. It looks like a maple leaf shape st…

DIY Jeans Inspired by GUCCI

As I promised, I come back with another DIY, here is my new DIY project.
I always like doing embroidery. I have made so many embroidery projects, sometimes in college (Fashion Designing), sometimes as a hobby, but I just love doing it.
As a designing student, I have learned so many different types of stitches, some basics, some traditional, but the very basic stitches I learned from my mom.
My mom is the only one who made me an embroidery person. I learned some basic hand embroidery stitches then I did a short-term course in machine embroidery at the age of 13.
My passion for embroidery made me a good student in the same subject during my graduation.
As grew up, I stopped doing these things and got busy with other works.
This summer vacation, when I had free time and I got bored, I thought to do something I was good at.
I realized that I have some bottoms I am really bored with, so I decided to give them a new look.  I first chose my shorts and then my light blue denim by Recap,

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