SK-II- The Luxury Beauty

I have heard that good things happen over the right time, just experienced it with beauty. I have kept my eyes on this highly expensive skincare since I was new to Japan and started my research on the best Japanese beauty products. I found it is the best Japanese beauty product, but when I went to the shop for buying it, I was so shocked to see the price, it is also the most expensive brand. After watching so many videos and reading many reviews I got to know that SK-II Facial treatment essence is the best seller and highly recommended product of Japanese skincare.
I tried two sample bottle of it and finally bought this small size (75ml) bottle of this facial treatment essence at the beginning of this year. I am using it for a month now and its time to review the product.

About the product The product is an essence and looks like transparent water.  The texture is very fine and gets absorbed easily.  The packaging is a very high-quality crystal bottle says SK-II facial treatment esse…

How to Make a Double String Bead Necklace

In search of my next DIY project, I headed to a new jewelry craft store. I saw these rose gold pearls with some matching beads and decided to make this pretty necklace. I bought twelve different types of matching beads to make this piece. It took me an hour to match the beads together, but when it accomplished, it turned into a really alluring neck piece. Here's how I did it myself...

Material Required Different types of matching beads String wire Crimp beads Jump Rings Wire guardians
Lobster Clasp

Steps to follow 1-  Cut the string wire as per the desired size, lock one edge of the wire with tape and start beading first round with small beads following up with this dark shade one size bigger bead (the smaller beads I am using is 14 each side). Complete at least 4 times beading the smaller one with the combination of dark or matching bigger beads. 2- Now make the first pattern with these matching combo beads.
3- Follow the small bead pattern with this pearl and ma…

Mini Makeup Haul At KATE Tokyo

KATE is one of the best affordable cosmetics brands in Japan by Kanebo. It is owned by Tokyo and available in 8 different countries. Kate is known as Japan's no-1 makeup brand in sales because they come in a small size and affordable price. The products are made by remembering the nightlife of Tokyo so they have a metallic effect.

"Kate Tokyo is designed for the daring and modern city-dweller. Our makeup products and techniques stimulate experimentation through a brave transcendence of style"
                                                                                                                              Says Kanebo

I recently had a mini makeup hall at Kate, and today I am going to review all the products I bought.

Eye Palette The eye palette is very cute and small and I bought it because it has all the shades I wanted. I am not a person who likes very colorful eyes, I always want a no-makeup look for days and sometimes smokey eyes for the night and this palet…

DIY Pearl Earrings


It's been a very long time since I have posted something on Pkreation because I was traveling to India in January and I was really busy with wedding season and spending some quality time with my family.
Now when I am back in Japan and already started my work, I got some free time to do DIY and first thing first I made is these pearl earrings. I don't know how, but I recently been interested in making jewelry.
Here I am going to share how did I make them, I hope people will appreciate my work :)
What You'll Need? 4 white pearls 2 big size stones Strings (as per your choice) 2 small jump rings 2 plain studs (to hang on the earrings) Glue
How you'll do it? The method has been shown in the pictures step by step. Dangle the pearl on the string and fold the edges of the string with the plier.  Open the jump rings with the plier.  Attach two pearl strings and one round ring in one jump ring.  Stick the stones on the stud with the help of the glue. The pearl e…

Top 5 Japanese Facial Sheet Mask

Sheet Masks are really popular in Japan and it is a very important skincare product for Japanese people. Japan has really good and many different types of sheet masks, here I am sharing my top 5 favorite sheet masks which I have used on my daily basis, but first, let me share a few things about a sheet mask.

What is A sheet Mask??We generally don't care about it, but sheet mask is very important skincare product. It is a kind of fabric which comes in a face shape along with eyes and lips cut. It is made with soft cotton fiber and dipped and soaked with the serum and essence, so it sticks to your face properly for a certain time.  How to use a sheet mask?? I have shared my Japanese skincare routine step by step so please check here.
After double cleansing your face and applying your lotion and serum, take a sheet mask and apply it on your face by following the eye and lip area. A sheet mask has two sides, one is soft and another one is a little rough, so make sure to apply from the …

DIY Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

Matcha green tea is well known in Japan as a drink. It is very old and traditional Japanese tea, Japan also has a Matcha tea ceremony.
Matcha comes in a very beautiful green powder form, just mix in a warm water and drink. It is full of anti-oxidants, which keeps you healthy.
Apart from using Matcha as a drink, Japan also has a lot of beauty products made with green tea. I am using Matcha as the main ingredient of my skincare for a long time. Here is my recipe to make DIY Matcha Green Tea face mask......
What You'll Need? To make this face mask, all you'll need is.
2 tsp Matcha Green Tea
1 tsp of fresh Yogurt
1/4 tsp of Honey

How To Apply? Take all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them well.
Clean your face with your cleanser and apply this pack on all over your face and neck area ( Please ignore eye and lip area).
Let it dry for 15 minutes.
Wash your face with a lukewarm water and dry your face with patting a soft towel.

Yogurt and honey nourish and moisturize your skin and gre…