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Calvin Klein One Red For Her, Newly Added in My Collection,

I am not a deodorant person, I am a perfume person and I love to keep some quality perfumes in my collection. I was using Nike Women Perfume, which has a really light casual fragrance. A few months ago I bought Rose De Courreges, which has a very girly rose scent (still using and love it ). Now here's newly added in my collection Calvin Klein, this high-end branded scent gives a very classy touch to my wardrobe.

Here I am going to talk about the newest addition to my wardrobe CK One Red For Her

The packaging is very basic like other Calvin Klein Perfumes packaging, simple and classy. It comes in a crystal bottle with small red cap, it doesn't have a cap for regular use, it only has the spray lid so you don't have to open it up every time you need to use it. Just spray the scent and you ready to go.
One thing I would like to mention that if you are not using it for a long time, please close it with the bottle cap, not with the spray lid so the perfume can be safe for a lon…

Rose Gold Obsession

I have always been a big fan of Black color. If you will see my old pictures on Facebook, you will find all my pictures in Black clothes. I always loved black for my clothing.
Well, things Changed, I changed and I became obsessed with Rose Gold. Not only for clothing but for anything I just love the color and its different shades (including peach and light pink). From the curtain to door mate, all I have in the peach shade, from my coffee mug to water bottle all I have in a monochrome of peach and rose gold. From my mobile phone (iPhone 7 Plus) to my wallet, all I have in rose gold. All I want to say that I am just crazy about the monochrome shades of Rose gold and I just love these shades. I am as crazy for these shades as my close one started buying me (or gifting me) stuff in these shades only, they know very well that if they will buy me these shades, I would love it the most. Recently I bought this beautiful rose gold dress and these flats from H&M on a big sale (70% off sum…

MAC SO CHAUD Lipstick and Brushstroke Eye Liner

Until I  was in India, I was a big fan of Lakme cosmetics, since I am in Japan Lakme has been replaced by MAC cosmetics in my makeup essentials and I am being a big fan of MAC products. I have not bought so many of them yet, but slowly buying all my favorite stuff which I use the most.

Last month I went to the MAC counter to buy a few lipsticks shades (yes few because Lipstick is my favorite makeup essential) and I tried so many different shades and different types of it but I could not finalize any of them.
SO CHAUD LIPSTICK Just a moment before leaving the counter, I randomly saw this shade and grabbed it like this is the last piece of MAC lipsticks ;). As I was looking for a matte type pop color and I also didn't want to go with red because I already have red shades, so I loved this one. It was the same as I expected and was looking for.

It is a very pretty orange color which pops up my face even when I am not wearing any other makeup, it looks great. It is a matte lipstick, bu…

August 6, Anniversary of Bombing 1945, Hiroshima

We all know about the Atomic Bomb blast in Japan 1945. It was a horrible time for Japan, we cannot even imagine. The place where the Atomic bomb was dropped, called Atomic bomb dome (Gen Baku dome in Japanese) and the area around the dome called the Peace Memorial Park.
Many people gather at The Atomic Bomb Dome, Every year on August 6th. People remember this day as an anniversary of the bombing and they pray for peace.

In the morning at 8:15(the time of bombing) the peace alarm rings in the entire city. The Prime Minister and Mayor of Hiroshima reads a special peace message. Japanese people, including school and college students, perform on so many cultural programs. People who lost their family members in the blast, with their eyes fill with tears, pray for the peace of their loved one.

The statue in the peace park is always decorated with thousands of colorful crans.

In the evening people lit the Peace Message Floating lantern in the river next to the Atomic Bomb Dome. Anyone can …

Rose de Courreges Perfume

Rose de Courreges, a brand from Paris Rose De Courreges

Around the summer in India, the temperature gets around 45-50 (damn hot). Being an Indian, I am very much friendly with hot weathers, but Japan is a 90% humid country in summer, here I feel like my skin is burning when the sun comes upon the head.

In that case, we need 24-hour air condition and some fresh fragrances. This tiny, cute bottle of perfume makes me feel fresh whole day.

I have this girly bottle for the last four months, and I am using it every single day. It has a light scent of rose.
It smells like a beautiful, confident woman crossing the street next to you.

The bottle of this perfume is very small, cute and travel-friendly
It makes me feel holding a fresh rose bouquet with some nice combination.
It is a budget-friendly perfume
Comes in various sizes so you can choose as per your requirement.
Stays for a very long time.

Rose De Courreges

LuLuLun Sheet Masks (Trying Out Japanese Skin Care)-01

LuLuLun is one of the best selling sheet masks of Japan and also famous in all over the world. They come in many varieties and different types here. Today I am sharing three of the most popular types of it and how to use it.

Pink for HydratingLuLu Lun Pink is made for hydrating. It is good for all types of skin and reduces the dry skin.
The serum of this mask gets absorbed in your skin properly and makes your skin very moisturized, hydrated and soft.

White for WhiteningLuLu Lun White is specially made for whitening and brightening. Good for oily to combination skin.
It brightens the skin, lightens the scar and also very helpful for anti-aging. In the end, it leaves a flawless skin.
It doesn't make your skin oily but keeps it soft and moisturized.

Blue for extra MoisturisingLuLu Lun Blue has extra moisturizer, which moisturizes your skin deeply. It is good for dry to normal skin type.
It removes the dead skin cells from your face and makes it smoother and healthier.
The masks are …

Maybelline Volume Express The Hyper Curl Mascara Review

Maybelline is one of the most popular brands in the world and you can find it everywhere. When it comes about a budget cosmetics brand, Maybelline is the best one.

It is a drugstore brand and I have bought this mascara from a Japanese drugstore called Wants. I really like this mascara because I don't use a lash curler and it curls my lashes properly.
I think It was the cheapest mascara from Maybelline but works the best for me.
Packaging It comes in a small, handy round bottle with rose gold shiny cap. The wand is curly which is made according to the corner of your eye. Pros It is waterproof and stays for a long time, ideal for summer. It curls your lashes without and curler. Really good for those who don't use false lashes.
Makes Your Lashes look much longer.
The curvy wand makes it easy to apply. Cons The only problem I have, that it stays for a very (I mean very) long time and doesn't get off easily.
Note- I would not recommend you to apply more than 2-3 coats, after 2 …

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