A Complete Hair Care Solution

Hi everyone, how are you doing?

I was disappear for last one week, because I wasn't feeling good for a while. On December first, I announced that I am going to post something everyday, but I couldn't make it. Well, things happen and we keep moving. Here I am trying to get back on the track with some new charm.

It's review time..

I am reviewing this cute little hair care gift set by lavilla vita. La villa vita re-hair concierge set comes with six different type of hair products, that gives you a complete hair care solution with nice fragrance

Re-Hair Shampoo S
Re-Hair Deep Mask Smooth
Re-Hair Deep Mask Moist
Re-Hair Multi Mist
Re-hair oil
Re-Hair Milk

Their products are formulated with the high quality ingredients to nourish and repair your hair from the scalp. This set is a sample set so you can try them and see the result before you buy the regular size for yourself, this is very handy and travel friendly set.

Thank You

Serum Love

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The holiday season is still to come, but I feel like I have already got my holiday gift as these colorful serums. I always talk that facial serum is my favorite part of the skincare. My love for serums introduced me to this amazing brand that only deals with facial serums. Bellique makes six different types of serums and each serum is specialized for different skin problems.
They gifted me all these six bottles and I like all of them especially their sensitive serum and Stem fine serum.

Sensitive Serum My skin is very sensitive and this product suits my skin, it cures my acne and makes my skin super hydrated. It contains "Acetyglucosamine phosphate 2NA", Rhodosolus Marinus extract and Opuntiafix Indica stem extract as moisturizing ingredients to prevent rough skin caused by external irritation and lead to well-organized skin.
Stem Fine Serum It is made with the human stem cells and contains 30% of beauty serum to hydrate the skin from deeper. Th…

Premium Balance Control Skincare With Lioverite

Today I went to short hiking from work. Since it is Autumn, the mountain looked beautiful. The wind was super strong and cold, but it was cheerful. I relished the hiking, came back home and accomplished my household stuff.
After having a super busy day, my skin became really tired and dry. So I finished my day with this super hydrating lineup by Lioverite. 

Their balance control series is made with natural moisturizing factors and ingredients like hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic collagen. The luxurious beauty ingredients spread onto the skin surface and lead to the smooth, pleasant skin.

The fragrance is naturally made by blending plant essentials and aqua-floral tea with the fruity sweetness of magnolia and fresh herbs. The floral aroma changed my tired mood to fresh and relaxed.

After taking this premium skincare, my skin feels very hydrated and healthy, now it's time to go to bed.

Thank You

Climate Inspired Skincare Solution

Axis-Y sent me their 6+1+1 advanced formula skincare lineup to try and share my experience with you.  What is the 6+1+1 advanced formula?Our 611 skincare is designed to work together to completely care for our community’s skin and let do what they do best - being themselves. Says Axis-y
Their skincare lineup has basically made for those who have combination skin like me and it changes with every season, for example, it becomes oily during the summer and dry in winter. Axis-Y helps the combination skin to balance with the atmosphere and makes it healthy and beautiful along with the natural ingredients.
I like the one-step balanced cleanser because it has Quinova and green tea and I love both. This cleanser is easy to use and you don't need to double cleanse your skin after using this. Another product I like is the da…

Risou, A Solution To Your Dry Skin

Last week, the weather became extremely dry and my skin rough. Even though I follow my complete skincare routine, the skin appeared dry every morning. I realized that it has to be changed according to the weather, so I started using this moisturizing set of repair lotion and gel by Risou. This is a beauty product that has been published in a medical journal for the very first time in Japan.

Risou lotion has an oil-free formula that is familiar to the skin and enhances the effectiveness of basic cosmetics used thereafter. It is combined with the repaired capsule and rice bran fermented extract that repairs the skin barrier and develops in younger and healthier skin. The lotion prepares the skin to soak up the moisture from the repair gel so it can hydrate my skin deeper.

The repair gel has two main ingredients Vitamin-c and Rice bran that repairs your skin surface and keeps it looking younger than the actual age. Rice bran and Vitamin-C maintains the collagen on your skin surface.  It…

Atumn Favorite Face Masks

I recently made a blog post on "Why you should apply a night cream or mask". Today I am going to share my favorite masks that I used this autumn.  ABC High Concentrate Gel MaskThis mask is a new skincare that penetrates your skin deeply into your sleeping skin and soothes the health and beauty of your skin from the surface. It has rice bran and honey that makes your skin smooth like honey. This is a newly launched mask that was sent to me as a PR gift. At first, when I tried it, I didn't like the scent, but when I saw my skin the next morning, I felt like my skin actually needs it. Even though the scent is a little hard for me, I really like the way it moisturizes my skin.
ABC high concentrated gel mask an overnight intensive skincare mask that helps the circulation of skin with selected natural ingredients and brings out the natural beauty that the skin has inherently.

Why You Should Apply A Night Cream?

Have you ever thought about why you should apply a night pack every night before you go to bed?

Today I am going to tell you exactly what a night pack does to your skin.
Some of us apply makeup during the daytime, some of us just do the skincare and go out, some of us keep touching our face without any reason or maybe due to some reasons. All of these bring dirt to your skin that causes skin problems, for example, acne, pimples, dark spots, and rough skin.
The night is the only time when you leave your skin without any makeup and dirt and let it breathe. This is the time when your skincare also affects your skin properly.
A night pack could be the very last step of your skincare that protects your skin surface while sleeping. It allows your skin to absorb the benefits from all the skincare products that you have used before this.
The night pack creates a thin layer on your skin so the dirt coming from your pillow will never touch your skin, same as this night pack here from Piabelpia